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We are a diverse team of scientists seeking to advance fundamental knowledge and impact society.

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Our Complex Synthesis platform is where strategic planning meets practical execution. The ability to design and conduct syntheses of architecturally complex and biologically active small molecules is invaluable for both scientific and personal advancement.
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Our Catalysis platform seeks to discover, develop, and apply new catalytic methods for the efficient and selective synthesis of biomedically relevant molecules.
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Our dynamic Translational Chemistry platform focuses on expanding the applications of natural product-inspired compounds and using these unique scaffolds to target biologically relevant systems.

About Our Lab

Our collaborative and interdisciplinary program is at the forefront of the discovery of new catalytic reactions and their applications in medicine.

Specifically, we have pioneered the use of small organic molecules as catalysts in a multitude of high value chemical transformations. These processes provide new avenues for molecular construction and offer sustainable advantages to established transition metal catalyzed approaches. In the realm of therapeutic translational science and chemical biology, we are creating new routes to natural products and related analogs with promising activities against cancer and central nervous system disorders that allow us to study the key molecular processes involved in these complex biological systems.

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We greatly appreciate the past and current support from government and private agencies for our research and training.

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The Scheidt lab has a strong emphasis on creative problem-solving and a commitment to mentorship.
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