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Our Mission

Our collaborative and interdisciplinary program is at the forefront of the discovery of new catalytic reactions and their application in translational science.

We have pioneered the use of small organic molecules as catalysts in a multitude of high value chemical transformations. In the realm of translational chemistry, we are creating new routes to natural products and related analogs with promising activities against cancer and central nervous system disorders.


The Scheidt Research Group has a rich history in community outreach. Examples of ongoing outreach within the group include Science in the City (SITC), which involves science education of 3rd and 4th graders at Hayt Elementary, and HerStoryNU, a program that brings URM middle school-aged girls to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Additionally, MSTP students interface with the Northwestern Medical Scientist Training Program’s PRomoting Inner-City Youth in Science and Medicine (PRISM) program, which teaches URM high school students core principles in science and medicine. Within the University, Scheidt Group researchers are also active in student initiatives such as the Research Safety Student Initiative, Women in Science and Engineering Research (WISER), and NU BonD.


The Scheidt research group is committed to creating a safe, inclusive space for all members of our laboratory and community. We believe that our individual and collective potential is best realized in a diverse and respectful environment, and that fostering diversity in all forms is critical to tackling challenging scientific questions. Our goal is to build a group where members understand and care for each other in and out of scientific pursuits.

Student Life

As a group, the Scheidt lab gets together frequently throughout the year with our annual Scheidt lab holiday party leading the way. The holiday party is a great way to celebrate the end of the year as well as everyone’s hard work with lots of food and the white elephant gift exchange. During the warmer months of the year, we will have cookouts at the Evanston beaches and often take trips to local restaurants. Outside of lab, we enjoy exploring the wonderful city of Chicago that provides endless entertainment.

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