Group Members

Current Group Members

Research Professor

Gary Schiltz

Northwestern University: Research Faculty, Department of Chemistry, 2021-present
Northwestern University: Research Faculty, CMIDD, 2014-2021
Northwestern University: Research/Senior Research Associate, CMIDD, 2010-2014
deCODE Genetics: Senior Research Scientist, 2005-2009
Abbott Laboratories: Scientist, 1997-1999

Translational Chemistry

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Research Scientists

Purav Vagadia

Illinois Wesleyan University, 2012
Villanova University, 2014 (MS)

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Robert Giuliano (Villanova), Prof. Deanna Zubris (Villanova), Prof. Ram Mohan (Illinois Wesleyan)
Hobbies: Playing percussion, playing soccer, and playing the piano

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Qiupeng Peng

Tsinghua University, 2021
PhD Advisor: Professor Jian Wang

Translational Chemistry, Catalysis

Hometown: Chengdu, China
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Ma Lei and Prof. Yun Tang (East China University of Science and Technology)
Hobbies: badminton and football

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Paige Monsen

University of Louisville, 2021
PhD advisor: Frederick A. Luzzio

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Whitney Point, New York
Hobbies: Cooking, field hockey, going to cat cafes

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Nao Tanaka

Sophia University, 2021
PhD advisor: Professor Toyonobu Usuki


Hometown: Chiba, Japan
Hobbies: Kyudo, snowboarding, solving puzzles, programming, and rock climbing

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Jesse Gordon-Blake

University of Illinois at Chicago, 2022PhD advisors: Professors Gregory R.J. Thatcher and Tom G. Driver

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Denver, ColoradoPrevious Research Advisors: Prof. Justin J. Maresh (DePaul University)Hobbies: Electronic music production, hiking, exercise, concerts

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Jing Cao

Monash University, 2022PhD advisors: Professor David Lupton

Organic Synthesis, Methodology

Hometown: Jingdezhen, ChinaPrevious Research Advisors: Ding Du (China Pharmaceutical University)Hobbies: Basketball, soccer, reading and music

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Graduate Students

Josh Zhu, G5

Johns Hopkins University, 2018


Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Thomas Lectka (Johns Hopkins)
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Trying out new board games, experimenting in the kitchen, and practicing his mixological skills

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Mike Rourke, G4

University of Colorado – Boulder, 2017


Hometown: Terre Haute, Indiana
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Maciej Walczak (Univ. of Colorado – Boulder)
Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry
Hobbies: Cycling, motocross enthusiast, and skiing fast

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Yunchan Nam, G2

Kyung Hee University, 2020

Complex Synthesis

Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Jae Yeol Lee (Kyung Hee University)
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Rock climbing, playing soccer, and cycling

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Cullen Schull, G2

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 2021


Hometown: Mankato, Minnesota
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Valeria Stepanova (UWL), Prof. Joseph West (Winona State)
Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry, Biology – Biomedical Sciences, Minor in Mathematics
Hobbies: Hiking, biking, and watching sports

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Gina Connors, G1

University of Notre Dame, 2022

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: North Bellmore, New York
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Christian Melander (Notre Dame), Prof. Paul Hergenrother (UIUC)
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing piano, watching Notre Dame football

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Claire Trudeau, G1

University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, 2022

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Hutchinson, Minnesota
Previous research advisors: Prof. Valeria Stepanova (UWL), Prof. Joseph West (Winona State).
Undergrad major: Biochemistry, Biology – Molecular Biology.
Hobbies: Listening to music, Snowboarding, Fishing, and Scuba Diving

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Meemie Hwang, G1

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2022


Hometown: Skokie, Illinois
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. David Sarlah (UIUC) Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Exploring the city, baking, playing with cats

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Aaron Shoemaker, G1

Lafayette College, 2022


Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Previous Research Advisor: Prof. Daniel Griffith (Lafayette College) Undergraduate Major: Biochemistry
Hobbies: Running, learning languages, learning how to cook Korean food, thrifting

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Miguel Campos, G1

Washington University in St. Louis, 2022

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Jeanne Nerbonne (WashU), Prof. Marvin Meyers (SLU), and Prof. Regan Thomson (NW)
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry: Biochemistry Concentration
Hobbies: Anything superhero-related, watching/playing baseball and basketball, playing videogames, taking fat naps

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Ricardo Hernandez Alcala, G1

Boston University, 2022

Complex Synthesis

Hometown: Miami, Florida
Previous Research Advisor: Prof. John K. Snyder (Boston University) Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies:  Tennis, Chess, Interpreting NMR Spectra, and Horology

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Oniya Valencia, G1

Cornell University, 2022


Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Previous Research Advisors: Prof. Tristan Lambert (Cornell University)
Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: drinking coffee, running, going to the farmers market, and exploring the great outdoors

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Matthew McGill, G1

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022


Hometown: Saint Germain, Wisconsin
Previous Research Advisor:  Prof. Andrew Buller (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Undergraduate Major: Chemistry
Hobbies: Hiking, Going to Concerts, Playing Guitar

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Undergraduate Students

Hasan Munshi, UG4

Chemistry | Northwestern University
CRC General Chemistry Award (2020)

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
Hobbies: Collecting fountain pens, playing table tennis, reading the Economist, and honing chalk skills

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Emmie Farnam, UG4

Chemistry | Northwestern University


Hometown: Crystal Lake, Illinois
Hobbies: Softball, reading, and taking long walks along the lake

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Anthony Tam, UG3

Integrated Science Program (ISP) – Mathematics & Chemistry | Northwestern University
Goldwater Scholarship (2022), Lambert Fellowship (2022)

Complex Synthesis

Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
Hobbies: Cooking, tea, and mechanical keyboard enthusiast

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Dan Yang, UG3

Integrated Science Program (ISP) – Biology & Chemistry | Northwestern University

Lambert Fellowship (2023)

Translational Chemistry

Hometown: Webster, New York
Hobbies: Playing piano, working out, drinking water and skiing slow

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Sophia Mitton-Fry, UG1

Chemistry | Northwestern University


Hometown: Granville, Ohio
Hobbies: Making art, baking and hiking

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Tess Berkowitz, UG1

Chemistry | Northwestern University


Hometown: Livingston, New Jersey
Hobbies: Knitting, hiking, skiing and watching movies

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